If you like chocolate, fun-packed parties that are professionally run, then our unique chocolate making parties are a match made in heaven!

For ‘grown ups’ our chocolate making parties follow a very similar format and content to our Chocolate Masterclass, but with a more informal, chilled out approach and run to the same high care and standard you’d expect from MoC.

For our children’s chocolate making parties we make them fun based, with an underlying educational aspect to them, so it’s a perfect children’s birthday party idea for parents seeking a well thought through balance of fun and education – a children’s party with educational values – another great idea from the Ministry of Chocolate!

Our children’s chocolate making party approach stems from our strong presence working in the educational sector, particularly in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  Unlike most chocolate companies we don’t encourage children to eat chocolate, but we know they will, so we think it’s far better to let them make chocolates and teach them about the important health aspects at the same time. It’s a deceptively simple but effective approach and one we’ve developed over many years working with children.

Children making chocolates at a table

A party with a difference!

  • We start by briefly explaining what chocolate is made from – it’s important the kids understand some aspects of this as I introduce different chocolate making techniques later on that require a little understanding. I’ll show them real cocoa pods, real cocoa beans and they’ll taste cocoa nib (the inside of the cocoa bean).
  • Kids will then taste the chocolate we’ll be using – always a high-quality Belgian chocolate (dark, milk & white).
  • Kids make a couple of simple molded products (2) using a wide variety of inclusions and decorations of course!
  • Then we’ll explain how to colour chocolate, a couple of the kids can colour some white chocolate (red or yellow or both!) then all the kids can drizzle and decorate their molded products with the coloured chocolate.
  • Kids make some chocolate lollipops (2) using transfer sheets (a transfer sheet is naturally coloured cocoa butter that puts an edible pattern on chocolate), decorate, drizzle & feather with white / coloured white chocolate.
  • Then the kids make their own ‘Rolo’ style chocolates (6), again using a variety of inclusions / ingredients to make their products gorgeous.
  • After making their own ‘Rolo’ chocolates, the kids get to make some fabulous milk chocolate truffles and coat them, yummy!
  • Finally, the kids will package their wonderful creations into bags to take home.

Throughout the children are shown creative techniques and taught about chocolate and chocolate making.

It’s a fun-filled workshop with lots of laughter and by the end not only will the kids have made a wide selection of chocolates, they’ll have learnt an awful lot too.

To give the kids a break to have a drink and to allow a bit of a tidy up, we’ll pause for 15 minutes somewhere along the way.

Man and woman making chocolates

What do we need?

A minimum of 10 people, a room with a table and chairs, somewhere to put our equipment and access to power sockets, that’s literally it. If the chocolate workshop is run in a house, then the equipment can be set up in the kitchen with the working area in another room if needed.

Who is it suitable for?

Grown ups of any age! For children, 4/5 year olds are the youngest ages who’ll get the most out of it, right up to 14/15 year olds. Young children will need supervising and help, but that’s fine if you’re okay to get your hands a little chocolatey!

Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

To book a chocolate making party or for more information, please call us on 01455 451762 or use the ‘Contact us’ form.

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