Our highly engaging, fun and interactive chocolate talks and chocolate making demonstrations where guests and visitors learn about chocolate and taste chocolates are run by Carl, The Minister himself!

Picture of Carl Turner, The Minister of Chocolate

Chocolate Talks

By way of an outline of our chocolate talks these are the areas that Carl will cover:

  • An interesting but brief talk about chocolate, what it’s made from and what makes good chocolate
  • Guests see real cocoa pods and cocoa beans and taste a small piece of cocoa nib (the inside of the bean and the main ingredient of chocolate)
  • They would then taste a dark, milk and white chocolate and I’ll explain why it’s got the high quality characteristics that it has
  • The importance of cocoa butter and let the ladies touch some pure cocoa butter
  • Explain and demonstrate how to put a pattern onto chocolate using an edible transfer sheet
  • Explain the art of chocolate truffle making and then demonstrate how to make a chocolate Ganache using water not cream and the benefits. This is remarkable and never fails to surprise and delight the audience!
  • Explain how to flavour chocolate Ganache
  • Guests can then taste the Ganache that’s been made

There are no minimum or maximum guest numbers, although a guide is needed so there are suffient samples available. No special equipment or facilities are required as everything that’s needed will be provided and Carl requires a few tables at the front of the room. Our chocolate talks and demonstrations last about an hour without a break. Guests will absolutely love this fun and entertaining talk as Carl is often quite witty when he starts talking about chocolate!

Chocolate Making Demonstrations

With a wealth of experience presenting, Carl can deliver any type of chocolate making or tasting demonstration for any size of audience. He’s very used to being on stage and performing a demonstration whilst chatting to the audience or MC. Our chocolate making and chocolate tasting demonstrations are suitable for any type of event from a food and drink festival, an exhibition or conference or as a corporate entertainment event. The actual content and length will depend on the circumstances of course and every demonstration will be carefully crafted, planned and reviewed with the client beforehand.

Let me entertain you!

To book one of our chocolate talks or chocolate making demonstrations or for more information, please call us on 01455 451762 or use the ‘Contact us’ form.

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