Educational, fun chocolate workshops for schools & colleges

The Ministry of Chocolate has developed a whole new take on educational workshops with our carefully crafted chocolate workshops for schools & colleges – what better way can you think of appealing to youngsters than through the medium of chocolate!

Working in Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and SEN our school and college workshops are the sure-fire way to get your pupils and students engaged and motivated to learn something new, all in line with your own teaching objectives. So far we’ve run school workshops for over 25,000 children across the UK – and every one of them now holds a unique ‘chocolatologist’ certificate to prove their substantial knowledge of this devilishly delicious food!

We think education should be fun – our chocolate workshops for schools and colleges aren’t just great for the pupils, teachers love them too! Our workshop plans are linked to the National Curriculum and are cross-curricular for younger pupils, and far more technically focused for older students  – both approaches dovetailing with the teacher’s workshop objectives.

The Ministry of Chocolate supports Fairtrade so it follows that we only use Fairtrade chocolate in our educational chocolate workshops. For more information on Fairtrade please visit:

Key Stage 1 Chocolate Workshops

Like all the educational workshops we run, our Key Stage 1 chocolate workshops take the children on an exciting, comprehensive and very carefully crafted ‘chocolate journey’.

We ensure that whilst the children are having fun they are also learning by seeing, touching and doing things that engage them and keep them constantly occupied and thinking. So, amongst many other interesting things they’ll learn about, the children will:

  • See and touch real cocoa pods and cocoa beans
  • Learn what chocolate was like a long time ago
  • Role play cocoa pod harvesting after watching a short but truly amazing film
  • Learn about the main ingredients of chocolate and a little about the health aspects
  • Make two different types of chocolate each
  • Have a fun and educational ‘chocolate quiz’

We cover an awful lot of ground in our Key Stage 1 workshops. Just because the children are young it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy and benefit from this kind of interaction. They love and thrive on it!

As with all our educational chocolate workshops, we run them at your school, to save you travel costs and time.


Key Stage 2 Chocolate Workshops

Our Key Stage 2 chocolate workshops help to nurture knowledge, confidence and self-belief in primary school children through exciting, interactive and inspiring chocolate activities.
This Ministry of Chocolate’s educational workshop will take pupils on a fantastic journey where they’ll discover and explore this divine creation, covering:

  • The fascinating history and origins of chocolate, including the Mayans and Aztecs
  • How and where cacao is grown – the cocao harvesting process
  • Touching real real cacao pods, real cocoa beans & tasting cacao nib
  • Sensory testing – using our five senses to understand chocolate
  • Chocolate and health – the ‘secret recipes’ for dark, milk & white chocolate
  • How chocolate is made
  • Fairtrade principles, including bringing the concept to life using child-friendly role play
  • A practical chocolate making session where children design and make their very own chocolate product
  • All the children receive a certificate at the end of the chocolate workshop – a great start to their future qualifications!

Key Stage 3 Chocolate Workshops

We’ve two approaches with our Key Stage 3 chocolate workshops. One is a bit of a chocolate sandwich, with lots of dovetailing between learning and making and making and learning over the course of a couple of pretty exhilarating hours! The other is all about New Product Development strategy!

Every one of our chocolate workshops for schools is carefully crafted and reviewed with you first to ensure it meets your needs, and those of the children, but here’s a taste of what you can expect from our ‘Junior Masterclass’ secondary school workshop:

  • Learning about the technical side of chocolate, including the main ingredients and composition
  • Chocolate and health
  • Tempering chocolate
  • How to colour and flavour chocolate
  • Practical chocolate making sessions

All of our chocolate workshops are run at your school, so you don’t need to worry about travel costs or time – and we’ll visit you anywhere in the country!

Young girl with chocolate lollipop on table in front

SEN Chocolate Workshops

Our SEN chocolate workshop is a carefully planned, tried and tested workshop developed specifically for SEN schools. Its sole purpose is to help nurture confidence and self-belief across a broad range of SEN students. It’s a fun, educational and highly engaging event. It covers:

  • The history and origins of chocolate
  • How and where cacao beans are grown – students watch a short, but brilliant, film on cocoa bean harvesting
  • Looking at, feeling real cocoa beans, pods and tasting nib, the inside of the cocoa bean
  • Sensory testing – how to use our five senses to understand chocolate
  • Chocolate and health – some revealing and interesting little-known facts!
  • Two practical chocolate making sessions where students design and make their very own chocolate products
  • The students will be awarded a certificate of chocolatology at the end of the chocolate workshop – a great start to their future qualifications!

We’re good at what we do

We’ll take your KS1, KS2, KS3 and SEN students through history, geography and much more during our educational workshops, and come fully prepared with audio/visual presentations, stimulus material, props, and equipment – all served with a huge side-order of knowledge, experience and fun.

All workshops are 100% classroom based, so you don’t need a kitchen or any special facilities.

If you’d like to learn more about how our chocolate workshops in schools & colleges can add value to your topic, please call us on 01455 451762 or use theContact usform.



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