Our Special Educational Needs (SEN) chocolate workshop is very carefully planned, well-structured and appealing workshop combining fun, education and chocolate – always a good combination! Our SEN chocolate workshop is extremely interactive, hands-on and carefully paced so students have time to absorb and enjoy the experience, long before becoming distracted and losing interest.

The SEN chocolate workshop has a very high visual and physical stimulus content. It is slightly less detailed than a mainstream school chocolate workshop and has a greater emphasis on hands-on chocolate making so as to maintain student interest and engagement. It’s still extremely educational as the students still learn about the main aspects of chocolate in addition to practical chocolate making. We just approach things in a different way to meet the needs of SEN schools.

The topic areas covered in a SEN chocolate workshop are broad and exciting for students:

SEN workshop content diagram

Smart Teaching

We know that teaching SEN students can often be challenging and highly rewarding at the same time, so we’ve developed a deceptively simple but effective teaching approach:

  • the key educational sections of the workshop are ‘sandwiched’ between practical sessions
  • take mini-breaks along the way as and when needed
  • keep things moving, keep it engaging and above all else make it fun!
  • maintain a relaxed, but structured and orderly, atmosphere
  • remain flexible, adapt as needed to changing circumstances…if it isn’t working move on, change things
  • constant reward and praise
  • ensure high levels of sensory stimulus

We use all the proprietary teaching models that we’ve developed over many years, that we use elsewhere, to explain key points and to help the learning process. Whilst SEN chocolate workshops are approached slightly differently to meet the unique needs of these students’, we don’t believe they should ever compromise high teaching standards.

Safe, Convenient and Cost Effective

We run all our interactive educational chocolate workshops at your school, as this safer and far more convenient for you – this is especially the case with SEN students.

That doesn’t mean our workshops are light on content, quite the opposite, they’re packed full of interesting and engaging material that keep the minds of students actively focused.

Running an educational chocolate workshop at your school has several important advantages:

  • We can run them in a focused way without any commercial distractions
  • The students are in a familiar and professional learning environment and therefore they feel more comfortable
  • It’s more cost effective for you
  • It’s more convenient for you

Discuss your SEN chocolate workshop with us!

For a detailed summary of the content and flow of our SEN chocolate workshop and other important information including Child Protection information, please call us on 01455 451762 or use the ‘Contact us form.



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