Our Key Stage 3 chocolate workshops can be run in two different ways depending on your objectives. Both approaches develop relevant skill-sets, confidence and self-belief, have a look at what we have to offer!

Secondary School Chocolate Masterclass

With this approach we ‘mix and match’ educational aspects of chocolate with practical chocolate making sessions like this:

Junior Chocolate Challenge format

1st Educational Session

  • Key facts about chocolate, what it comes from, cocoa pods, cocoa beans, cocoa nib, cocoa growing regions, cocoa harvesting

Practical Session

  • Moulding and decorating chocolate

2nd Educational Session

  • Ways to temper chocolate and it’s importance, how to colour and flavour chocolate

Practical Session

  • Using transfer sheets to put an edible pattern onto chocolate
  • Truffle making

3rd Educational Session

  • Health aspects of chocolate, the main ingredients, composition of the three main chocolates (dark, milk & white), things to watch for

Secondary School Chocolate Challenge

An alternative approach is to run an adapted version of our corporate Chocolate Challenge event where the class is split into groups and each tasked with making a new range of chocolates, creating rough packaging concepts and preparing a well thought through commercial plan with an underlying rationale. Teams can be given a template to guide their thinking on the areas to cover or left to their own accord. To add competitiveness, teams are ‘judged’ on the commercial viability and robustness of their creativity and New Product Development strategy!

Both events last a morning, with a break at an appropriate point. As always we’ll bring everything that’s needed.

We’re keen to talk to you!

To discuss our Key Stage 3 / secondary school chocolate workshops, please call us on 01455 451762 or use the ‘Contact us’ form.



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