We’re never too sure who enjoys our interactive educational chocolate workshops the most – the children or the teachers!

One thing we are certain of though is that by using chocolate as a project-based learning platform, we are able to fully engage the minds of children and take them on a wonderful journey of discovery. With its rich and fascinating history and its huge popularity, chocolate is the ideal topic to enthuse, excite and encourage children to learn.

The heart of our educational chocolate school workshop is a powerful, comprehensive and carefully crafted ‘chocolate journey’ with high visual and physical stimulus content. It’s an awful lot more than just a ‘bean to bar’ story and includes an array of interwoven topic areas including:

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Let’s talk chocolate and have fun!

We think it’s important to bring a project to life so the children get to see and touch real cocoa pods (the fruit of the cocoa tree), real cocoa beans (the seed of the cocoa tree) and taste a little bit of cocoa nib (the inside of the cocoa bean). They may not like it, but at least they’ll have done it!

We use proprietary teaching models that we’ve developed over many years to reinforce key points and to help with learning retention.

We teach children about chocolate – the good, the not so good and all the other interesting aspects about it!

Our educational chocolate workshops are a great way to kick start a chocolate project or add to partly completed one – either way they’ll fire up enthusiasm and the delight of the children.

Throughout the educational chocolate workshop, the children are constantly being asked questions to recap and reinforce important words and aspects about chocolate so we know they’ve understood and remembered the most important points.

The Great British Choc Off

Project-based learning in primary schools

We run our interactive educational chocolate workshops at your school – we always come to you, as this is far more convenient for you than traipsing up and down a motorway with a coach full of children asking “are we there yet!”.

That doesn’t mean our workshops are light on content, quite the opposite, they’re content rich and packed full of interesting and engaging material that keep the minds of children actively focused.





Running an educational chocolate workshop at your school, has several important advantages too:

  • We can run them in a focused way without any commercial distractions
  • The children are in a safe, familiar and professional learning environment
  • You avoid expensive coach hire
  • It’s more cost effective for you
  • It’s more convenient for you

Teachers already know that project-based learning is a dynamic and highly effective classroom teaching strategy. However, chocolate is a very complicated and broad topic area to master as you need to immerse yourself in 3,000 years of fact, fiction and history – so that’s exactly what we’ve done!

With 9 years’ experience teaching Key Stage 1 & 2 children, and over 25,000 children taught to date, we must be doing something right! But don’t just take our word for it, take a look below at a small selection of the wonderful feedback we’ve received from teachers.

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